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About Us

Arapaima Fishing Tours is a company that offers a diverse range of angling experiences to some of the finest locations in Brazil. We provide high-end, professional services that will meet the needs of the most demanding travelers.


Our fishing trips take you to the Amazon, the Pantanal and other exotic destinations that hold adversaries both tough on rod and reel! Come to discover some the most incredible species of fish in the world!

fishing tours brazil


Pantanal, Brazil

Departure: April 20-26, 2020

Join us on a 100% fly-fishing experience to the remote waters of the southern Pantanal and feel the thrill of targeting the legendary golden dorado!
This hosted trip exclusive to Arapaima Fishing Tours is crafted to coincide with the best time of the year to chase golden dorado, surubim catfish, pacu, wolf fish, piraputanga, along with other exotic species. It offers to anglers of all experience levels the opportunity to perfect their fly-fishing techniques with an expert, battlehardened Canadian fly-fishing guide and Islander Reels professional . Expect a superb fishing trip in one of the wildest and most stunning scenery in the world!

fishing tours brazil

PEACOCK BASS Fishing Journey

Salto Augusto - Amazon, Brazil

This is a guaranteed fun and mesmerizing time in the jungle, with an affordable price!
Nestled at the top of northern Mato Grosso, on the Juruena River, the Salto Augusto Floating Lodge offers a very diverse fishery where you can target the brutal hitting but beautiful Cichla mirianae. Toothy predators like the Giant Wolf Fish and the Payara are also in abundance, and there is the opportunity to catch Surubim Catfish, Jau Catfish, Amazonian Pacu, Bicuda, Matrincha, and many other species either using a lure or by fly-fishing. Expect top-notch fishing, fantastic accommodations, quality guide services, and delicious food!

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Catfish Fishing in the Araguaia

Araguia River, Brazil

An angler's paradise to catch freshwater beasts!

Discover a unique fishing region with a destination entirely dedicated to Catfish, where you can chase monster Piraiba, Redtail, Jau, and Surubim. You will enjoy the excitement of catching some of the toughest and largest freshwater fish on Earth! In addition, you will immerse yourself in splendid, comfortable accommodations set up on the bank of the Araguaia River.

fishing tours brazil

World-class Arapaima Fly-Fishing Trip

Amazon, Brazil

Let us take you on a once-in-a-lifetime experience at Brazil's best fishing destination for giant arapaima!

This fishing trip allows anglers to put their fly-fishing skill to the test with some of the most sought after freshwater fish species in the world. You will chase monster arapaima and other hard-fighting jungle species in a private concession located in the remote Amazon. You will be exposed to waters that are untouched in every way, and where the quality fishing is extraordinary. Imagine casting your fly in an environment where you are more likely to hook an 8-foot arapaima, along with goliath tambaqui and big arowana! Add the opportunity to interact with native communities and see plenty of wildlife, and you have one of the finest angling on anywhere on Earth!