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About us

arapaima fishing tours

Arapaima Fishing Tours is a company that offers a diverse range of angling experiences to some of the finest locations in Brazil.
We provide high-end, professional services that will meet the needs of the most demanding travelers.

Why choose Arapaima Fishing Tours

Unparalleled fishing experiences

We want to offer an unforgettable trip to our guests. Our job is to take you to the right place and to make it worth your visit to Brazil.

Authentic fishing destinations

We choose our fishing destinations carefully, paying attention to the quality of the fishing and making sure that the environment is unspoilt.

Exclusive hosted travels

We partner with professional, knowledgable anglers that will give you the best chance of catching your dream fish and help you build your fishing skills.

Responsible tourism

Our tours are designed to minimize the impact to the environment and to the local population. Catch and release only!

Quick Answers

Our office offers quick, comprehensive and complete answers and documents!


Your fishing trip can be achieved without any sacrifice in comfort.