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Araguaia River - Brazil

Catfish Fishing

Recanto do Araguaia Lodge

An angler's paradise to catch freshwater beasts!

Discover a unique fishing region with a destination entirely dedicated to Catfish, where you can chase monster Piraiba, Redtail, Jau, and Surubim. You will enjoy the excitement of catching some of the toughest and largest freshwater fish on Earth! In addition, you will immerse yourself in splendid, comfortable accommodations set up on the bank of the Araguaia River.

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Targeting humongous Catfish in the lush environment of the Araguaia River is guaranteed to take your breathe away. Not only this destination has epic battles in store, but it is also a majestic place to relax, enjoy the sunset and sip a cocktail or two! If you want to see true giants leave your reel screaming, the Araguaia is for you!


  • Where: The tour begins and ends at Brasilia airport (BSB)
  • When: March to October
  • Duration: 5D/4N
  • Activity: Lure-Fishing, Wildlife watching

Why choose this tour

Stay at a stunning, modern, and ideally located lodge

Experience one of the best Catfish destination in the world

Discover an under-the-radar wildlife watching destination

Enjoy high-end services

The Recanto do Araguaia Lodge

The Recanto do Araguaia Lodge is perfectly suited for anglers as well as a wonderful place to rest and refresh after a day fishing on the river. The lodge provides you with tons of facilities, including a restaurant offering 24 hour eating and drinking, a tennis court, a pool, and a billiard. The accommodations feature 6 apartments of 72m2 each. The Recanto do Araguaia Lodge is truly a dream place to stay with your friends or your non-angling family.

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Tour Codes

ARA5 - Araguaia - 5 Days / 4 Nights