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From its beginnings, each project is developed in complete cooperation with and endorsement by the local communities. These communities are our partners and directly benefit from our operations. We applied their famous concept of partnering with Local Amazon Communities and their Associations when they established a long term Project with Mamiraua Communities and their representative Association and the Environmental Dept of Amazon. This project purpose is to create a sustainable way to develop new productive alternatives for their life while at the same time, protecting their land and culture and improving they life quality. This is the first and only exclusive fly-fishing only project allowed and supported by Brazilian Government with focus on Arapaima. Environmental Officials worked together with the local Association to create these this very first official sport fishing operations in Brazil.

The lodge is located within the Mamirauá Reserve, about 600 km west of Manaus, a complex of lakes and channels between the Solimões River and Japura River. Mamirauá was the first Sustainable Development Reserve in Brazil, legislated by the Government of Amazonas in 1996, and remains the largest Arapaima reserve in the world. The purpose of a Sustainable Development Reserve is to find a balance between biodiversity conservation and the sustainable development of an area inhabited by human populations.


  • Where: The tour begins and ends at Tefé (TFF) airport
  • When: SEP15-NOV30
  • Duration: 5D/4N
  • Fishing Time: 4 full days + half day
  • Private Guiding Tour
  • unique Arapaima environment

The Arapaima

The arapaima (in Portuguese, pirarucu) is arguably one of world's toughest game fish any angler will ever hook in freshwater. This prehistoric-looking monster can grow as large as 8 feet and weigh up to 400 pounds. It is extremely powerful, surprisingly acrobatic and has a tremendous stamina. It can create a challenge-of-a-lifetime for fly fishing enthusiasts, as it is capable of engaging in the most ferocious defense tactics.
Arapaima don't fight fancy and will test your gear with arm-busting jumps and line-ripping runs.

The arapaima is a prime sight-casting target in the angling community. It is one of the very few freshwater fish species that is capable to breath, which makes it easy to see it when it takes a gulp of air above the water.

arapaima pirarucu

Why choose this tour

High-end Services

Combination of a professional angling guide and a native guide working together.

Small groups

A small group of anglers allows to reduce environmental and social impact.

Catch and Release

We respect the jungle fish, so we operate a catch and release tour. Our combined effort to protect the Arapaima will keep this environment and species protected for generations.

Involving Local Communities

The tour is more than just a once-in-a-lifetime fishing experience. It is also an immersive social project that engages the local community and supports the preservation of the Arapaima and fish species inside the Mamirauá Reserve and all local communities. By investing and involving the local community, we are improving their quality of life.

Responsible tourism

We promote and practice sustainable operations through the use of renewable energy, proper waste treatment, recycling, and minimal environmental impact to reduce our footprint.

Legal Authorities

Working with government agencies and local native communities guarantees the exclusive use and control of the Arapaima world-class fishery ensuring a sustainable and non-consumptive use of the resource.

Uakari Floating Lodge

This comfortable, beautiful lodge, designed to reflect the local Caboclos style, is made entirely of wood from the area. In addition to hosting our fishing tour, the lodge is used during other times of year as an ecotourism lodge primarily for birding and wildlife photography. The area is one of the top five birdwatching areas in the Amazon.

The lodge has ten floating cabins each with two en-suite rooms, four of which have been refurbished to accommodate our angling guests. The main lodge building features a dining room, living room, and kitchen.

The lodge is completely floating, and everything on the water is connected with wood platforms. The lodge is located in the heart of the reserve with very short run times to some of the best fishing spots. In fact, most days guests will return to the lodge for a well-prepared lunch before returning for an afternoon fishing session. Satellite phone and internet are available.

uakari floating lodge


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ARA5 - Arapaima Fishing Mamirauá - 5 Days / 4 Nights