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Bananal Island - Brazil

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The Bananal Island has a reputation for hosting sizeable angling adversaries. This seasonally flooded ecosystem is typically visited from May to September, when it produces Redtails, Payaras, Arowanas, Blue Peacock Bass and absolutely massive Arapaimas.

Experiencing the Bananal region is something difficult to put into words as the variety of wildlife seen in this zone is exhilirating. You have very good chances of seeing Tapirs, Capybaras, Anacondas, and much more at close quarters.


  • Gateway city: Palmas, Tocantins
  • Activity: Lure-Fishing, Fly-fishing, and wildlife watching
  • Capacity: Maximum of 12 anglers
  • Duration: 8D/7N


Arowana are odd-looking fish that feature an “armour-plated” body because they are covered with gigantic scales. They can grow as long as 37” and can weigh up to about 10 pounds. Though Arowana are not particularly big, they are capable to put up a hardy opposition when being caught.

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Discover one of the most pristine destinations left in Brazil

Reel in dream species

Explore a variety of fishing spots through the Bananal Island

The Bananal Island Camp

The Bananal Island Camp provides guests with 6 private rooms on stilts that can sleep up to 2 anglers. The staff is friendly, services are top-notch and the meals are great.

bananal island camp


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Tour Codes

BIC8 - Bananal Island Camp - 8 Days / 7 Nights