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Golden Dourado Fly Fishing

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Our 6-day fly-fishing trip to the southern Pantanal offers the opportunity to discover a prime, diverse fishery surrounded by an incredible environment. You will settle into a traditional, family-run cattle ranch located at the edge of the Rio Negro. Besides the superb fishing, this destination will treat you to observing a large number of bird and mammal species. If your non-angling spouse and children are into birdwatching and wildlife watching, this might be a great opportunity for them to accompany you!


  • Gateway city: Campo Grande
  • Activity: Fly-fishing, and wildlife watching
  • Capacity: Maximum of 8 anglers
  • Duration: 6D/5N

The Golden Dorado

Golden Dorado are the apex game fish of the freshwater Neotropics. Their incredible strength, great stamina and tarpon-like acrobatics provide an experience like no other on the end of the line. Golden Dorado have a rare set of defense tactics. Expect strong runs, wild jumps and fierce fighting!

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Why choose this tour

Discover an exclusive, remote fishery in the southern Pantanal

Visit one of the best destinations on Earth to see wildlife

Reel in tough, jaw-dropping jungle species

Enjoy high-end services

Barra Mansa Lodge

Barra Mansa is a traditional lodge in the Pantanal. At the lodge you will be hosted by the land owner family who has been living in the Pantanal since end of the nineteenth century. It is a great place to meet local Pantanal people, experience local culture, lifestyle, and food while still being part of a unique environment.

The lodge is uniquely located where the vazante meets the Negro River and tranquil waters flow. Rooms are simple and comfortable, featuring the typical accommodations offered in the Pantanal. Windows highlight the beautiful landscapes that brighten the rooms.

With a warm, family atmosphere located in nature, the Barra Mansa Pantanal Lodge offers a unique and welcoming experience for visitors.

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Tour Codes

GDB7 - Pantanal Barra Mansa - 6 Days / 5 Nights


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