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Amazon - Brazil

Trombetas Jungle Camp


Our 8-day fishing trip to the Amazon provides the ultimate sport fishing experience for ardent anglers dreaming of exotic locations. If you are keen on the challenge of freshwater gamefish, you will quickly become addicted to the surprisingly strong takes that Cichla Thyrosus can deliver. They average 10-12 pounds and put up a phenomenal fight. Our pilots will take you to the best waters to fish those jungle brutes all day long.


  • Gateway city: Manaus
  • Activity: Lure-Fishing, Fly-fishing, and wildlife watching
  • Capacity: Maximum of 12 anglers
  • Duration: 8D/7N

Peacock Bass (Cichla thyrosus )

During low water periods, Peacock Bass are typically found in river channels, woody lagoons and oxbow lakes. Peacock Bass utilize dead wood stumps, logs, rocks, and other structures to hide and then ambush their prey. During the rainy season, they find tons of food opportunities in flooded forests, where they can grow large.

trombetas fishing

Why choose this tour

Enjoy an exuberant, preserved site

Catch one of the strongest species of Peacock Bass

Discover a sheer diversity of Neotropical river fish

Enjoy top services

The Trombetas Jungle Camp

The Trombetas Jungle Camp features rustic but comfortable accommodations located right on the riverbank. There are 6 private rooms on stilts that can sleep up to 2 anglers. The camp offers quality services and delicious homemade food. The Trombetas Jungle Camp is remote and difficult to access but it will allow you to experience the feel of the jungle like nowhere else.

trombetas river jungle camp


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Tour Codes

TRC8 - Trombetas River, Jungle Camp - 8 Days / 7 Nights